The forest is a place for contemplation, to re/connect with all the senses. Through the change of time the forest is in constant flux, in balance with the new and the old. With the change of the seasons, the bright green shades of new buds and leaves transform into darker, more saturated green tones. The subtle change of colors and the perpetual interplay between growth and decay is an ongoing fascinating proces in nature.

Colori Forestale was a self-initiated research project in 2020 that explored the changing shades of colors of the trees and plants in the small city forest of Dommelplantsoen, Eindhoven.

Each week, for an entire year, the colors of the forest were gathered and arranged the forest's colors into various compositions. As a final result, this proces culminated in the creation of a distinctive color palette, encapsulating the annual color journey of the forest.
Photography: Tina Stieger

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