Textile & Colour in Space

    The Danish textile brand Kvadrat is known for its unique use of colour and tactilty in its outstanding collections. For the Swiss Retail segment, I developed and realized various colour- and material workshops. The trainings offered inspirational inputs to the clients and demonstrated how colours and materials can be implemented in interior projects to create tactile spaces.

    We are surrounded by colours everyday. Blended or blocked, colours touch our tactile senses, consciously and unconsciously. In interior spaces, colour is strongly related to the material, its structure and tactility. Some colours are subtle and need contrasts to unfold their complete beauty. Others demand certain restraint in its use.

”Things like the rich golden yellow of the yolk from a broken egg, or the colour of tea brimming in a teacup, are not merely colours; rather they are perceived at a deeper level through their texture and their taste (...).” Kenya Hara