Echos Collection

FURNITURE       The furnitures 'Ehrfurcht’ and 'Neugierde’ are part of the collection 'Echos’ which have been designed for the label Pour les Alpes by Tina Stieger & Annina Gähwiler.
The concept of the objects is based on the themes reverence and curiosity, which describe the designers personal point of view of the alpine surroundings. They have been created in close cooperation with traditional artisans such as a carver and a shingle-maker; artisan techniques which are still rooted in everyday life in the Alps.

The unique objects are a tribute to the Swiss Alps and are, in a formal and symbolical way, referring to a in the alpine culture rooted identity. They are telling exceptional new stories, which awake familiar memories but still offer enough freedom for own interpretations.

The collection has won the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in 2007 and has been presented at Mint Gallery in London and Salone Satellite in Milan.

Concept, design and realisation: Tina Stieger & Annina Gähwiler

The various wooden layers of the furniture symbolise the rich variety of the Alps, which can be explored. The narrow gaps enable a glimpse into its inner space which is vaguely perceptible behind its shingled facade. The caverns of the furniture surprise with a luminescent red color, which refers to the alpine glow.

Spruce, origin Appenzell,
Shingles all hand-split
2K-multiply coated
Luminescent color red

680 mm x 935 mm x 350 mm (wxhxd)

The furniture 'Ehrfurcht’ is inspired from the raw and unpredictable nature of the Alps. Archaic and heavy in its design, an inner hidden space is vaguely perceptible only through a crack, which draws through the whole object. The ebony coating of its outer skin contrasts to its raw inner space, which is hand-carved from precious Swiss pine.

Swiss pine, hand-carved
2-K multiply coated
680 mm x 810 mm x 350 mm (wxhxd)