A plant in the wrong place


        The project ‘A plant in the wrong place’ questions our perception of what is right and what is wrong. It is an ode to the small and humble in the urban landscape by giving unwanted plants a vessel to value their beauty.

The city is a fascinating playground for observation. It is a place where nature collides with man-made structures. Narrow gaps of pavements or traffic islands form fertile interspaces, which are secretly being occupied by weeds and wild flowers. These plants are mostly unwanted in human-controlled settings and therefore in the “wrong place”.

The installation is inspired by the Japanese Izakayas and tiny flower boutiques, with their intimate atmosphere. We aimed to create a simple but still welcoming environment which offers inspiration and space for conversations. 

Concept by Rene Siebum and Tina Stieger
Realisation by Studio Rene Siebum
Visualization by Tina Stieger